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Spring hike in the mountains of Uzbekistan

Day 1. We start our journey from the railway station Salar in Tashkent around 8 am. After about two hours we arrive by train to the Hodzhikent station. This is the first point of the hike, which is located at an altitude of 880 m. We go to the place of our first camp in the Bulaksu gorge for about two hours. Camp setting, rest and acclimatization. Climbing is possible during acclimatization, walks in the surrounding mountains.

Day 2. Today we begin to climb south along the Bulaksu river to its sources. On the way - lunch under the shady trees near one of the sources of Bulaksu. After lunch we continue our ascent to the Bulaksu pass (1900 m) (+1020 m). From the pass there is a magnificent view of the Chimgan mountain range. Not far from the pass there is a source, here we will establish our camp.

Day 3. Today we begin the movement to the mountain Big Chimgan. We pass the pass Akshuran, known for its magnificent white cliffs, climb Mount Mintukum (1960 m) and then descend to Archaly pass (1595 m). Here, at the source, we will make a rest for lunch. After lunch we continue eastward to Mount Kiziljar. This is the site of our camp 3. In the evening, we can climb Mount Kiziljar (1900 m) to photograph Big Chimgan Mountain from probably the most optimal viewpoint for shooting.

Day 4. The goal of this day is the river Beldersay, which originates between the West and South-West ridges of Chimgan. During the first half of this day, we will climb the Western ridge (North-Western Spur), pass the Takhtajailau saddle (2190 m) and then descend to the Marble River. Here we will stop for lunch. After resting, we will climb the Western Spur of the Western Range to the Urta-Kumbel Pass (1850 m). From the pass we will descend to the river Beldersay, where we will establish our camp.

Day 5. Today we will climb to the Chet-Kumbel Pass (1880 m), and then follow a good path down to the tourist center Beldersay. Later in the evening - return to Tashkent.

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