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Ethnic tours


What can characterize the country more colorfully and expressively, if not its national color!
Ethnic tourism in Uzbekistan is one of the most fascinating types of travel: It is so great to travel around the country, recognizing the common people, the peculiarities of its life, customs, traditions, folklore, cuisine, folk crafts.

Ethnic tourism in Uzbekistan promises to be bright and unforgettable. After all, you will meet with the ancient Eastern ethnos, whose distinctive national heritage has hundreds of years! And what is surprising: ancient Uzbek customs are relevant to this day. All important events in a person's life: birth, matchmaking, wedding, funeral — accompany colorful rituals from the depths of ages and carrying the wisdom of ancestors. Uzbeks are pleased to invite foreign guests to their celebrations, introduce them to their customs and traditions, national costumes, songs and dances. As a rule, at these celebrations, guests also get acquainted with national cuisine. Pilaf, samsa, shurpa, manti are the most famous of the Uzbek dishes. Another vivid impression will be for you acquaintance with the applied art of Uzbek craftsman: elegant lacquer miniature, filigree jewelry, intricate national embroidery, original ceramics, natural silk - all this is only a small part of what the craftsmen of Uzbekistan produce with their own hands and offer them as souvenirs in memory of their trip to Uzbekistan.

Various ethnofestivals and exhibitions tell about the richness of Uzbek culture. This is where to look at! One of the largest such events - Festival Бойсун бахори - passes every spring in Surkhandarya region, in the town of Baysun, almost untouched by civilization, famous for the incredible beauty of the local nature. The folk festivals that excite the imagination last for several days. Here come folk groups from around the world, dancers, singers, folk storytellers, craftsmen with carpets, fabrics, jewelery.


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