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Adventure tours in Uzbekistan


Hiking, trekking, rafting, walking tours, horseback tours in Uzbekistan.

Let me ask you a single question: "Do you want adventures that would make pleasant changes in your measured life?" It seems that in response, we would have heard "of course!"

In this case, accept the offer from the company to make exciting, disturbing the spirit and body of the adventure. You will have the opportunity to make various trips, trekking, tours on horseback.

Extreme tours in the mountains and deserts of Uzbekistan are only for real adventurers, to which you, we hope, refer yourself. Click on the program you are interested in and read its detailed description.

Spring hike in the mountains of Uzbekistan

We begin our journey from the railway station Salar in Tashkent around 8 am. After about two hours we arrive by train to the Hodzhikent station. This is the first point of the hike, which is located at an altitude of 880 m. We go to the place of our first camp in the Bulaksu gorge for about two hours.

Alpiniad in Chimgan mountains

The mountains of Uzbekistan is a very popular holiday destination. In Soviet times, the Chimgan Mountains were recognized as a tourist center. Thanks to the All-Union festival of art song, the Chimgan Mountains of Uzbekistan were known to every self-respecting bard. At that time, hundreds of athletes from all over the Soviet Union gathered at the Chimgan alpine, and thanks to the work of Sukharev-Nikitin, the resounding names of popular recreation places in the mountains of Uzbekistan were heard throughout the country. Many still remember the words from the song about Chimgan and Golden Brichmulla.

Rock climbing in the mountains of Uzbekistan

The vast mountainous area known as the Western Tien Shan and located at the junction of three neighboring states - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, is one of the unique corners of the planet. The mountains of the Western Tien Shan have a rich fauna and flora, a large proportion of which are nowhere else on the planet are not found endemic species and communities.

Day Mountain Tours

This route is for hardy. The participants of the hike are guided through the Gulkam Gorge towards the Loose Pass 2700 meters above sea level. The path lies through the Sand Pass (1870 m). The ascent to the pass is not difficult, but right after the pass a rather steep picturesque slope begins, leading to the Gulkamskoe gorge.

Climbing the peaks and tops of the mountains of Uzbekistan

The Western Tien Shan combines expressive mountainous terrain, picturesque water bodies, wild nut and coniferous forests, middle mountain meadows and steppe meadows, multicolor subalpine tall grasses, and alpine meadows. Deep canyons and gentle picturesque gorges with multi-level waterfalls, plateau-like surfaces and oddly shaped impregnable rocks, the purest springs and full-flowing rivers, alpine lakes adjacent to snow-capped peaks are of exceptional aesthetic significance.

Bathing in the mountain waterfalls of Uzbekistan

It is no secret that in the summer months in Uzbekistan is hot. Therefore, it is even considered that in the summer it is not worth visiting Uzbekistan, and the peaks of the tourist seasons really fall in the spring and early autumn. However, spring in the mountains of Uzbekistan is rainy and cold. For climbers, this is not a problem, which cannot be said of ordinary tourists who come to enjoy the beauty of nature, combined with optimal weather conditions.

Ugam rafting

The Ugam River is the southern boundary of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. On the territory of this park there is also a rafting section on the Ugam River. The section of the river recommended for rafting belongs to the fourth category of complexity. Length approx. 11 km. The best time for river rafting is April-May, sometimes June.

Skiing in the mountains

First of all, the mountains of Uzbekistan are warm. This is an important detail for lovers of skiing. As the saying goes: the slope holds the ski. Here you can not sharpen the edges of the skis. Once at the end of the eighties, we had to observe a group of skiers from Chimgan, who were vacationing in Terskol, for whom the hard icy slope of Cheget at -30 degrees of air was a real revelation.

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