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Climbing the peaks and tops of the mountains of Uzbekistan


The mountains of Uzbekistan belong to the mountain systems of the Western Tien Shan and Southern Tien Shan (Gissar-Alay, which includes the Turkestan, Zaravshan, Gissar, Karategin, Alai ranges).

The vast mountainous area known as the Western Tien Shan and located at the junction of three neighboring states - Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, is one of the unique corners of the planet. The mountains of the Western Tien Shan have a rich fauna and flora, a large proportion of which are nowhere else on the planet are not found endemic species and communities.

The Western Tien Shan combines expressive mountainous terrain, picturesque water bodies, wild nut and coniferous forests, middle mountain meadows and steppe meadows, multicolor subalpine tall grasses, and alpine meadows. Deep canyons and gentle picturesque gorges with multi-level waterfalls, plateau-like surfaces and oddly shaped impregnable rocks, the purest springs and full-flowing rivers, alpine lakes adjacent to snow-capped peaks are of exceptional aesthetic significance. The aesthetic importance of landscapes is enhanced by many species of fauna and flora. Among them are the fabulous beauty of the Greig and Kaufman tulips, the Himalayan snowcock, the paradise flycatcher. Here is the Ugam-Chatkal State Natural National Park.

It was created by the proposal of scientists of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan at the end of the last century on an area of ​​574 thousand hectares and practically covered all the south-western spurs of the Western Tien Shan - Koksuy, Ugam, Maydantal, Pskem and Chatkal ridges.

The range of the park heights is from 900 to 4000 meters above sea level with mid-mountain, forest and alpine belts.
The core of the park was the Chatkal State Biosphere Reserve formed over half a century ago with a specially protected natural area regime. More than 1,100 species of plants grow here and more than 240 vertebrates live, research is conducted, background monitoring is conducted, and various air, water and soil pollutants are monitored.

In spring, summer and autumn, there are many different opportunities for recreation in the mountains of Uzbekistan. As soon as the massive melting of snow ends, at the end of April, climbers, climbers and mountain tourists leave for the routes. At this time, the famous mountaineering is held annually in Chimgan. Chimgan is well known as a “cradle” for many, many athletes.

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