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Tours to Switzerland, amazing alpine region


27334020Official languages: German, Italian, French, Romansh, and Swiss German
Capital: Bern
Currency: Swiss Franc
Telephone code: +41

This amazing alpine region is the largest tourist region in Europe, focused primarily on alpine skiers. This status is maintained due to the incredibly developed and thoroughly thought-out infrastructure of tourist facilities, a large railway network and perfectly executed motorways. Add to all this an incredibly advantageous geographical position, beautiful nature and the possibility of organizing an unrivaled holiday in Switzerland at any time of the year.

  • Sightseeing tours to Switzerland are able to please and lovers of hiking. After all, for them it would be as though nature specifically created trails along the shoreline of the lake, as well as more complex, winding, and sometimes quite dangerous mountain routes for active ski holidays in Switzerland.


  • In Switzerland, more than 140 ski centers have been opened, where lovers of winter sports are waiting for magnificent nature, well-groomed pistes, modern lifts, and developed infrastructure. You can stay in a luxury hotel or a cozy chalet to your taste. The slopes will be enjoyed by professionals who are confidently standing on skis or board, and beginner athletes - instructors work for them at all resorts. The Swiss are especially proud of their concern for the environment. At many ski resorts it is possible to move only by electric car or in a horse-drawn carriage.


  • Wellness tours to Switzerland are an exquisite way to pamper yourself. Spa resorts in the mountains and health centers in major cities offer procedures aimed at strengthening the body, regeneration and rejuvenation. This includes all kinds of massages, baths, therapeutic gymnastics, cosmetic facial and body care, and treatment with the use of water from thermal springs.


  • And, of course, do not discount the excursion tours to Switzerland. The “Classical Switzerland” weekly tour will acquaint you with the country's main sights, including the absolutely charming medieval castles and main cities: trendy Zurich, ancient Bern and fashionable Geneva. A nice bonus - travels between cities often take place on the so-called panoramic routes. However, there is also a tour entirely based on the route of the legendary Golden Pass train, going from Lucerne to Montreux.


  • To obtain a visa to Switzerland, the following is required:

    - Biometric photo format 3.5 to 4.5 cm. -1 pc. (must correspond to the real type of the applicant).

    - A photocopy of the workbook (only the first page and the page indicating the current place of work) with the certified seal of the organization under the “copy is correct”;

    - If the applicant is a private entrepreneur - a copy of the patent with a certified seal and translation into Russian from a translation agency. Also, a certificate from the tax that the state of emergency does not have a workbook.

    - Certificate of employment of the applicant’s position, as well as confirmation of the leave granted.

    - Certificate of employment on company letterhead indicating the monthly salary and salary of the applicant for the last year. (Drawn up in the form of a table).

    - A letter of guarantee with the place of work on behalf of the director that the company assumes personal responsibility for the return of their employee (tourist) within the time specified in the voucher.

    - Home address with the obligatory indication of the home and cell phone.

    All the above documents should be issued in Russian or English, documents in Uzbek I will not be accepted at the embassy.

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