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Official name: United Arab Emirates
83,600 km.
6,122,000 people
Abu Dhabi
Largest City:
Official language:
Monetary unit:
United Arab Emirates dirham
Telephone code:

Half a century ago, in the place of this fabulous country, the endless desert stretched, and today the United Arab Emirates is a symbol of luxury and high technology. Sand dunes turned into palm groves, noisy bazaars - into boutiques, expensive cars replaced camels, and paradise islands with snow-white beaches and luxury hotels appeared in the coastal zone.
And yet, despite the modern rhythm of life, the Emirates are thoroughly saturated with oriental exoticism. These are the tales of “Thousand and One Nights”, embodied in reality, where there is a place for both sheikhs and guests from distant northern countries. The UAE is a place that everyone needs to visit.

  • In Dubai, the three main excavation sites are Al-Gusays, Al-Sufuh and Jumeirah. The first two are burials over 2000 years old. Objects of material culture dating from the 7th-15th centuries were found in Jumeirah. The excavation sites are closed to the public, but in the Dubai Museum you can get permission to visit them.

    Дешевые туры в ДубайBastakiya - The old district of Bastakia with its narrow streets and high wind towers allows you to imagine Dubai in the past. Here, in the area of ​​Al-Fahidi Fort, a lot of traditional houses are concentrated.

    In the past, the city was known for its wind towers, which served not so much a decorative role as served as the only means of cooling houses before the advent of electricity.

    Currently under reconstruction in Bastakiya. This area will turn into a small "tourist village" with its museum, cultural center, cafe and art gallery.

    Эмираты Дубай отдыхSheikh Said House - Sheikh Said House was built at the end of the XIX century on the seashore so that the ruler could observe the movement of ships. The wind towers and enfilade of the rooms surrounding the courtyard make this building a remarkable example of local architecture.

    Jumeirah Mosque - One of the most famous mosques of the city of Dubai - a mosque and a monument and an important center of worship.

    Burj Nahar - one of the three watchtowers guarding the old city. Located in the picturesque gardens of Deira, the tower is very popular among photographers.

    Отдых в Дубае все включеноJumeirah It is a magnificent example of modern Islamic architecture and is very popular among photographers. Built in the medieval Fatimid style, it is one of the architectural landmarks of the city with its two minarets and a majestic dome. The mosque is especially attractive at night due to its clever lighting, emphasizing its elegance.

    Grand Mosque - Located in the Bar-Dubai area near the residence of the ruler of Dubai. It was reconstructed in 1998. The mosque has the highest 70-meter minaret in the city, as well as 9 large and 45 small domes, which, combined with stained-glass windows, turn it into an outstanding architectural creation.

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    The second largest emirate in the UAE. If you want to relax on the beaches of the Persian Gulf, plunge into the atmosphere of a chic metropolis, visit fun festivals, sales of branded stores, restaurants where star chefs are prepared - you should be here. Dubai has the most expensive Burj Al Arab (Parus) hotel in history, the 124-storey Burj Khalifa Tower rises here, and the number of mega malls, which is a record number for the UAE, is also located here. Dubai is the emirate of a variety of tourist routes, a place of vivid impressions, new entertainment and attractions.

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    Jumeirah Being the most expensive residential area in Dubai, Jumeirah is built up with villas, skyscrapers, restaurants and nightclubs. Nearby is the amusement park Wild Wadi Water Park, as well as the business center "Madinat". But the main attraction of the place is the artificial island "Palm Jumeirah", where there is a maximum concentration of luxury and resort bliss. The island is built in the form of a palm tree, which consists of a trunk, 16 leaves and a crescent, forming an 11-kilometer breakwater.

  • The third largest emirate. A visit to Sharjah is recommended for those who are opponents of alcohol, want to relax with children and are very interested in two things - Arab culture and profitable shopping. There are not very many hotels here, but almost all of them are located on the first coastline. Prices for rooms and meals are very reasonable. There are many historical sights, museums and galleries in the district, so that true connoisseurs of oriental culture will find something to please themselves.


  • For registration and obtaining a visa in the UAE, for citizens of Uzbekistan, documents are submitted to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.
    For citizens of Uzbekistan, you will need the following list of required documents:

    To obtain a visa to the United Arab Emirates you will need the following documents:

    - a copy of the passport (front side, registration, OVIR);
    - hotel voucher and transfer confirmation (issued by a tour company);

    Visa in the UAE is issued to the tourist only in case of purchase of the tour. package (hotel accommodation).

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