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Tours in the picturesque Montenegro


bez_nazvaniya Official language: Montenegrin
Capital: Podgorica
Currency: Euro
Telephone code: +382
Time zones: UTC + 1: 00

Cozy Montenegro is an inexpensive and high-quality beach holiday on the Adriatic, Orthodox monasteries and medieval sights, lakes and national parks, the charming capital Podgorica and resort Budva.

Montenegro is chosen by unpretentious tourists who value rest alone with nature. Lovers of peace and quiet will be pleased with the trip to the country, families with children and those who do not want to spend all their savings on vacation: prices in Montenegro are quite affordable.

Montenegro is very compact - in less than a day you can drive a car from one end of the country to the other.

The climate in the country is moderately continental, in the mountains - alpine, on the Adriatic coast - Mediterranean. In the central regions of Montenegro, it is always somewhat cooler than on the coast, and the influence of subalpine factors is noticeable. In the coastal area, summer is usually long, hot and rather dry, winter is short and wet.

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    Montenegro is very compact - in less than a day you can drive a car from one end of the country to the other.

    Budva Riviera is a tourist center of Montenegro with sandy beaches, impressive architecture and entertainment for all tastes. The main resort of this area is Budva, one of the most respected cities on the Adriatic. Becici is very popular, which is 3 km from Budva. The city is known for its 2-kilometer shingle-pebble beach. Petrovac is a place in the bay with a red-pebble beach and a whole collection of ancient monuments. St. Stephen - the most prestigious Montenegrin resort, built up by luxury hotels. In the 15th century, a fortress was erected here that protected the city from pirates. In the middle of the 20th century, it turned into a posh city hotel where Hollywood stars like to relax.

    Herceg Nova Riviera is located on the north coast of the Adriatic Sea. The largest resort of this area is Herceg Novi, ideal for family holidays. There is amazing nature and good pensions here - many come to Herceg Novi to improve their health. Another popular resort of the Gergegovskaya Riviera is Tivat. Montenegro begins for most tourists with it - one of the international airports is located here. The city can not boast of ancient architecture and rich history. Guests are attracted by the mild climate, good beaches and developed infrastructure. During peak season, Tivat is too crowded.

    Ulcinj Riviera is famous for good and at the same time very democratic hotels, always sunny weather and basalt beaches. There are only 2 resorts here: Ulcinj itself and the colorful Ada-Bojana island is one of the most famous naturist vacation spots.

    Two small ski resort Montenegro: Zabljak and Kolasin. The resort Zabljak and in the summer will not be boring. Tourists here are offered a full range of activities: from hiking tours and summer rafting to horse riding and paragliding.

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    The total length of the beaches in Montenegro is 73 km. They are all very different: from fine sand in the south to artificial concrete platforms in the north-west coast. Artificial beaches are located mainly in Tivat, Herceg Novi, Igalo and Bar. Almost all the beaches are located in a secluded, closed from the wind and waves of bays between the steep cliffs.

    There are both very crowded beaches and secluded ones in the country. Rental of umbrellas and loungers will cost 5-8 EUR per day. Guests of four- and five-star hotels, as a rule, use them for free.

  • An attentive and inquisitive tourist can find in Montenegro a considerable number of interesting sights. After a visit to Montenegro, everyone in the album will certainly receive a photo of St. Stephen's Island (the country's visiting card) and the Ostrog Monastery. Beautiful views will be from the Bay of Kotor, and from the observation deck of Kotor. Other ancient cities of Montenegro - Budva, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj or the former capital of Cetinje - are also generous with ancient buildings, churches and monasteries.


    Be sure to visit Skadar Lake, the largest and cleanest in the Balkans, with pelicans and rare fish Karan. On small islands there is a complex of monasteries of the 14th-15th centuries - many of them are active and welcome guests. At the top of the Lovcen mountain range is the mausoleum of Peter Njegos, the ruler and enlightener of Montenegro.

    Herceg Novi is one of the most famous resorts in the country, located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor. The city was founded more than 1600 years ago, so many monuments of medieval architecture are preserved here - the bastions of Forte Mare, Kanli-Kula, Shpagnola, the fortress of Mamula, Prevlaka, Arza, the famous Savina monastery (1030), and many colorful old houses.

    Kotor is located between the coast of the Bay of Kotor and the mountain Lovcen. Due to the abundance of historical monuments and beautifully preserved medieval buildings, it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here the most interesting are the Cathedral of St. Tripun, numerous old fortifications, churches and palaces, as well as the Clock Tower (16th century).

  • Citizens of Uzbekistan intending to come to Montenegro must obtain a biometric passport in advance and obtain a permit to leave the country - OVIR. Passport must be valid for another six months after returning from a trip. Please note if your signature is in your passport. Her absence may be the reason for refusal of a visa.

    If your children go with you, then the child entered in the passport, starting at 6 years old, should have a photo. Children from the age of 14 receive their own passport. Prepare a photocopy of passport pages with photos and personal data, as well as information (photos) on children.

    If only one parent goes with the children, the remaining person must write a power of attorney for the exportation of each child. Documents notarized. If the child is traveling with an accompanying person, similar permission is required from both parents.

    Since March 2015, all who have a valid US, UK or Schengen visa in their passport are eligible for 30-day visa-free stay in Montenegro.

    After you have dealt with your passport, download the questionnaire from the website of the consulate. Clearly fill out one copy in block letters in Russian, or, if you wish, in English.

    If you are eating on business or visiting, you will need a properly decorated invitation. A copy of it must be attached to the documents.

    In the case of a tourist trip, you must submit a tourist voucher or a printout confirming that you have booked a hotel room.

    Among other things, you will need two colored rectangular photo size 3x4. The background color does not really matter.

    The entire documentation package must be given to the embassy independently. Otherwise, you have to make a notarized power of attorney.

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