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Tours to China, Tours to the Celestial


flagCapital: Beijing
Country Telephone Code: 86
Currency: The national currency of the PRC is the yuan
Language: The state language is Chinese
Population: The most of the population is Chinese (Han, 93%), Zhuang, Uigurs, Mongols, Tibetans, Hui, Miao, etc. The bulk of the population lives in the eastern provinces.

China is great not only in size, but also in the number of miracles hidden in it. It is difficult to find a state that will be just as multifaceted and mysterious. Here, many centuries of tradition are connected with the metal and glass of skyscrapers, and the ancient temples do not interfere with the European lifestyle. Central Asia with its deserts, true tropics in the south, the Roof of the World Tibet, caves, remnants of ancient civilizations and much more create the paradoxical pattern of this country.

  • Most of China’s territory lies within the temperate and subtropical zones, the southern part is in the tropics. The opinion that China is hot all year round is wrong. Summer is hot with a small amount of precipitation (average temperature + 32 ° C). Winter in the north and north-east is cold with temperatures as low as -25 ° C, in the central part the climate is milder and winter temperatures do not fall below -5 ° C. In the very south (Guangdong province) you can sunbathe and swim all year round (average air temperature is + 30 ° C, water + 22 ° C).


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    Foreign citizens who arrived in China are allowed to import free of charge for personal use a camera (1 unit), a portable tape recorder (1 unit), a portable video camera (1 unit), a portable movie camera (1 unit), a portable computer (1 unit. ).

    In case of exceeding the established norms of importation of the above items, the tourist must declare the exact number of them. The above items imported with the permission of the customs in China, on the way back at the border crossing must be removed from China. Tourists arriving in China are allowed to import gold, silver and products made from these metals for personal use and in reasonable quantities. In the event that their weight exceeds 50 g., A declaration should be filled out and upon departure from China, take them out according to the declared quantity.

    Transportation or transportation abroad of gold, silver and products from them purchased in China, the customs service allows only if the owner has a special invoice issued by the People’s Bank of China. Foreign nationals wishing to export artistic values ​​from China should get an expert opinion from the relevant administrative authorities on cultural affairs, and then submit a detailed declaration on exported items to customs.

    Foreign citizens arriving in China are allowed to export abroad in reasonable quantities and for personal use finished drugs or their raw materials used in Chinese medicine, purchased by them for foreign currency, with the appropriate invoice and currency exchange certificate.

  • Residents of China tend to respect for knowledge, for scholarship, books. The Chinese greet each other with a handshake. Entrepreneurs should have business cards with them, the text of which should be in Chinese (preferably gold paint) and English (only not red). The Chinese are extremely economical, seeking to quickly accumulate capital.

    In China, they dress quite normally, so you should not take with them something special and extravagant. For formal events, grab a jacket and tie, suit, or a strict dress. It is best to use small but capacious bags or bags on wheels.

    Get ready for the fact that you have to change clothes quite often, the weather in China is changeable. With film, all kinds of toiletries, you will not have problems. Take with you the necessary set of medicines and an extra pair of glasses (if you use glasses).


  • For registration and obtaining a visa to China for citizens of Uzbekistan, documents are submitted to the Chinese Embassy.

    List of documents required for applying for a visa:

    - passport + photocopy (front side, registration, visa OVIR);
    - questionnaire (you can take in the Chinese embassy or on the website of the embassy, ​​and then print it out);
    - two biometric photos

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