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Official name: Kingdom of Spain
504.788 sq. Km
3,927,000 people
Official language:
Telephone code:
Time Zones:
UTC +2

In Spain, everyone will find something for everyone. You can bask in the caressing sun, visit the trendy shops and fashionable restaurants, where you can taste the magnificent ham and enjoy the refreshing sangria. Connoisseurs of beauty will be able to touch the evidences of the rise and fall of empires, enjoy the close interweaving of eras and cultures, stand still with delight at the works of Gaudi, paintings by Rubens, Titian and Dali.

In Spain, there are no ugly cities and an unsuccessful season for a holiday. Each region and season is good in its own way, and each journey becomes special, because there are a great many facets that open the country to travelers. Tourists from Moscow are attracted not only by first-class service and great leisure, but also by the amazing relationship of a wide Russian soul and passionate Spanish.

  • Spending holidays in Spain is the dream of many people of various professions, social and marital status. Here lovers of active rest, excursions, gourmets and regulars of nightclubs will find something to do. Such a variety of leisure options allows you to safely choose tours to large families whose members have very different interests.


  • In Spain, a huge number of resort towns, and the length of the coastline is about 5000 km. If you just want to relax on the beach, plying between the hotel and the sea, at your service budget Costa Dorada, Costa Blanca, Valencia with the famous Malvaros beach. For a luxurious holiday on the Mediterranean coast, go on tours to Marbella, Ibiza or the Costa del Sol.


  • The Spaniards do not just love to eat, they offer to join them to share the gastronomic pleasure of national dishes. It is difficult to find a more hospitable nation. Gastronomic tours to Spain is a fashionable developing direction. Depending on the region chosen, tourists not only enjoy themselves, but also learn how to cook real paella, sangria, casuelo, pil-pil, ensaimadas, gazpacho and other classic dishes.


  • Spain is an ideal country for curious tourists. The number of cultural monuments here is one of the largest in Europe. The significance of the country's cultural heritage is evidenced by the fact that a great many monuments and architectural ensembles have fallen on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In any city, no matter where the traveler is staying, he will be offered rich excursion programs with visits to the most interesting places.


  • In order to feel comfortable during a tour of Spain, stock up on comfortable shoes, sunscreen and familiar medicines. The reigning cult of food will not leave a chance to stay hungry, so seize drugs that promote active digestion.

    From the hot summer sun, grab hats and sunglasses. And during sales, it will not be superfluous to take an extra large suitcase to fit the results of the most successful European shopping.


  • To apply for and obtain a Schengen visa to Spain, citizens of Uzbekistan will need the following documents:

    Biometric photo format 3.5 to 4.5 cm. In the amount of 1 piece (the photo must correspond to the real type of the applicant).

    The original passport, valid for at least 90 days after the end of the planned trip, with a valid OVIR exit visa with an expiry date of an exciting return date.

    A photocopy of the workbook (the first page and the page indicating the current place of work) with the certified seal of the organization under the inscription “the copy is correct”.

    If the applicant is a private entrepreneur, then a copy of the patent with a certified seal and translation into Russian from a translation agency is also required. Also, a certificate from the tax inspectorate that the private entrepreneur does not have a workbook.

    Certificate of employment position and confirmation of the granted leave.

    Certificate of work indicating the monthly salary and salary of the applicant for the last year. (On the letterhead in the form of a table).

    A letter of guarantee from the employer on behalf of the director of the organization stating that the company assumes personal responsibility for the return of their employee (applicant, tourist) on time.

    Home address with the obligatory indication of the home and cell phone.

    All the above documents must be executed in Russian or English, documents in Uzbek at the embassy are not accepted.

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