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Tours to the country of medieval attractions and magnificent castles - the Czech Republic


chehia Official name: Czech Republic
Territory: 78 866 km2.
Population: 10 403 100 people.
Capital: Prague.
Official language: Czech
Currency: Czech Koruna
Telephone code: +420
Time Zones: UTC +1

The Czech Republic is the unique charm of the Middle Ages, the miraculous sources of healing resorts, a paradise for beer lovers and much more to see for yourself. A leisurely walk through the quiet cobbled streets of Czech cities is unlikely for anyone to be a waste of time. It seems as if you open the invisible door, leading to the distant past from this "ancient modernity."

The Czech Republic is a country of romance, exquisite architectural monuments and amazingly beautiful landscapes. Here for centuries the history of the most famous European nations was intertwined. In the Czech Republic you will find all the architectural styles represented in historical cities, fortresses and castles, monuments of church architecture, folk architecture, interesting collections in museums and galleries, as well as unique technical monuments.

  • Fans of old architecture and long excursions to castles, museums and other interesting places will be appreciated by Czech cities. The most popular of them, of course, the capital is Prague with its medieval castles, bridges and streets, but Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen and others are no less interesting. Each of them has its own architectural monuments and, not least, local small breweries. Especially famous for the Ostrava beer, which has long been known outside the Czech Republic.

    Special attention is paid to the South Bohemia region (south of Prague). This is a land of not only beautiful nature, dense forests, meadows and lakes, but also numerous medieval castles. The most famous of them are Český Krumlov, as well as the village of Goliašovice, where you can see rare examples of wooden architecture.

    Czech health resorts are concentrated in the west of the country. These are the famous Karlovy Vary, and Františkovy Lázně, and Mariánské Lázně, and Kynžvart. It is in this region that the largest amount of mineral springs with the most diverse chemical composition is beaten. The range of curable diseases here is quite wide, so the balneological resorts of the Czech Republic are also popular outside the country.


  • The Czech Republic is rarely taken seriously as a ski resort, but in vain. There are no high mountains here, but good routes and the entire tourist infrastructure are available.

    Professionals in the Czech mountains will be boring, but for beginners, all conditions are created. Moreover, the rest in these resorts will be much cheaper than in Austria or Switzerland.

    The most popular winter resorts are located in the Krkonoše, Šumava, Jeseniky and Ezersky Mountains. Most of them are located on the territory of the picturesque protected national parks and nature reserves, so it makes sense to go there, even if you are not skiing.


  • Czech spa resorts are popular among our compatriots since Soviet times. It treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract, metabolic disorders and much more. Tourists come to the Czech health resorts for both treatment and the general strengthening of immunity.

    The most popular on the Czech resorts - treatment with mineral water. It is taken orally, make baths and used in cosmetic procedures. Czech mineral water restores the secretion of the stomach and intestines, providing an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves spasms and improves metabolism.

    Also in all resorts they offer inhalations, phytotherapy, phytobalmotherapy, breathing practices and exercises, mud wraps, herbal baths, iodine-bromine and mineral baths, radon, sulfuric, carbonic baths, Scottish showers, various massage, hardening and much more.


  • List of documents for a visa to the Czech Republic

    1. Passport.
    2. Copies of documents to the next of kin.
    3. 2 actual biometric photos of size 3,5x4,5 cm.
    4. Certificate from the bank about the presence of a foreign currency account on a plastic card
    5. Copy of the front of this plastic card
    6. Certificate of marital status (marriage, divorced / a, etc.), if any.

Tours to the country of medieval attractions and magnificent castles - the Czech Republic
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